Who We Are?

The company

What’s up Wroclaw is a tours and events company established in 2009. We are a group of Wroclaw locals who welcome the chance to show others this wonderful place we are lucky to call home. We offer a variety of tours and services helping people discover Wroclaw and it’s surroundings in the best and most entertaining way. We’re giving a variety of tours. We have a wide offer for business companies. We have a strong need to provide visitors with the best knowledge about the city history, it’s architecture, and daily life. Our mission is to give a true picture of Wroclaw and allow our guests to experience the vibe of this one of a kind city. We are young, talented, love our city and we really know what’s up in Wroclaw.  


Mateusz Kornacki – founder of What’s up Wroclaw. I was born in East Poland. I moved to Wroclaw at the age of 11 and I fell in love with it sincerely. It’s a city that inspires me and changes really fast. I’m excited that I can still discover more and more about it’s amazing history. I’m an active traveller on my own. While travelling I always intend to meet and interact with locals. In my opinion they are the ones who give the true picture of a certain place. That’s why I created What’s up Wroclaw. It’s services should be a useful tool to let visitors feel the pulse of this city serving them with professional advice about where to go, sleep, dine and entertain. Our services are not just tours – it’s an experience. 

Extraordinary Experiences

We’re sharing a true picture of Wroclaw. We blend excellent storytelling with beautiful and unique places we visit. 

We provide a solid background to Wroclaw but also want to fit it in Polish context. We make you understand not only the city you visit but also the people who live here and provide a solid knowledge of our daily habits, food and culture in various aspects.

Our Core Values

  • Providing excellent and professional services
  • We know our city and we know how to share it with the others
  • No bullshit