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Lovely and relaxing tour around the most spectacular and picturesque parts of Wroclaw. Highly recommended for first time visitors who are willing to get a fair introduction to the city and see the shiniest historical and cultural treasures of Wroclaw. During this tour you shall get deeper into Wroclaw multicultural history and explore The Old Town and the Cathedral Island. There we’ll have a chance to see the influence of 4 different cultures that shaped this city in the last centuries. Medieval passages, baroque architecture, city parks and mysterious holy island is all you can get during 3-hour walk. Obviously we won’t forget to spot some of the legendary dwarves and plenty of other Wroclaw attractions. We will tell you about local customs, Polish food or unique spots to visit. So don’t worry. After the tour all the Wroclaw “must sees” will be covered.
bike tour

Wroclaw sights is plenty more than the Old Town and the Cathedral Island. There’s a lot of interesting areas which are just a few minutes away from the heart of the city. This is why we would like to offer you a bike tour – active and great way to see the most of the city’s attractions in just 4-hours. During the tour we’ll explore central areas of Wrocław and take a look at the Old town from a different perspective. Passing through Cathedral Island, promenades and green areas of town we’ll take a ride to Centennial Hall/Japaneese garden area including lovely WUWA housing district and picturesque Szczytnicki park. Bike tour brings sightseeing to a different level. Wroclaw is happy to be one of the best bike friendly cities of Poland so getting on a bicycle here is really easy, safe and conveninent. Join us and take a bigger bite of Wroclaw in just a couple of hours.